Saltwater Fishing Charters
Cow Stripers
These powerful fish will have
your arms tired by the end of the
day! Mid May - August
Cod & Haddock
Travel out to sea and have a fun
filled day reeling in some of the
tastiest fish the ocean has to offe
Salt Water trips include the catching of Striped Bass, New England's
most popular Salt Water Game Fish. These Cows are not only one of
the toughest fighting game fish New England has to offer, but on a
good day you will have a blast filling the live well with your own live bait!
Cod and Haddock trips are also available
1 to 4 Anglers
Striped Bass
Cod & Haddock
The Boat
6 Pack Licenced 23' Hydrosport center console
Fishes 4 people comfortably
All equipment supplied
Hooked on Salmon Fishing Charters with Captain Matty Groves